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Lustre Rocks Small Clutch Jug

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The Lustre Rocks range work particularly well in changing light situations; when the light is coming through the pieces you get the underlying blues and autumn colours and when the light is reflected off the surface you see the lustred effects. Each piece is coated in powdered coloured glass and then has a powdered trail woven around the middle and over the top. To finish off, the piece is rolled through a selection of frits in different sizes……And then blown and shaped

Just sitting on the fence of practicality, a perfect little jug for whatever you need a little slightly quirky but incredibly tactile little jug for. Not the best pourers in the world, but they can grace any table.

The inspiration for lustre rocks comes from those shiny pebbles that live on the waters edge, rolling around in the surf. reflecting myriad colours through the water.

Height 105mm, width 100mm, depth 70mm