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St Werburghs Pottery Green Glaze Mug

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St Werburghs Pottery Green Glaze Mug

Unusual, Traditional & Original - Cook, Kitchen and Tableware by Bristol Potter Steve Carter.

‘I make a range of functional pottery which I design for Simplicity and Brevity - I specialise in a process called Slipware which is glazed terracotta that has been "basted" or piped-onto, with a refined liquid clay.  I make my pots in small batches with little fuss, using exclusively common "earth" materials that bear their own natural colours: the browns, creams & buff colours of secondary clays and the blacks and yellows of manganese and iron.

It's a challenging, rewarding, rather beautiful and adaptable medium to discover and re-invent with - but it's to cooks, cooking and indeed food itself that I dedicate my pots.

All pots are dishwasher and microwave friendly and the glazes have been tested to BS6748:1986

H 70mm W 90mm