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Somerset Aqua Gin Chalice #1

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I admit that I am a bit anal about which glass I use. I have a glass for different drinks. A gold special for cider, a blue marble for vodka, a yellow tumbler for single malt, an old i/cased flute for bubbles. But I can.

I don't really think that a good glass can make your drink better - but the wrong glass can definitely make it taste worse - to me. If I can't find the right glass I will have a different drink - pretty sad.

I like having a drink to be an occasion, a moment to stop and savour. That means that I need to have the right glass. I broke my favourite cider glass last year. It was an irridised aqua lustre crunch - it actually never made it to the shelves because it had a few hairline cracks around the rim and a bit of a wonky foot - but it felt right.


 H 175mm x D 110mm V 500ml +