Candle stick maker

Candle stick maker

It’s starting to feel a bit parky up in the offices. Tenants here are lucky because the furnace offers a perfect “cockle warming” area, where we can go and get toastie, under the guise of chatting to Will and Johnny.

As with everyone else, we’re trying not to put our heaters on until we absolutely have to, because well, you know, cost of living crisis and all that.

Will’s actually come up with another brilliant glass-blowing idea off the back of thinking thrifty.

Lighting candles saves on both electricity and heating (if you stand really close), so he’s made a couple of initial prototype candle sticks which I’m told looked really nice.

I would dearly love to show you the beauty of these objects, but in his excitement Will forgot to photograph them after he’d made them and subsequently sold them – to a photographer!

EDIT: After I wrote this piece, as luck would have it, the photographer - Russel Sach - sent in the image you can see. Spot the candlestick!

The good news for SG Towers is that Will secured his gas prices way back, so he can still run the furnace and he’s still incredibly busy making glass.

You may have spotted him on BBC Points West a few weeks’ back talking about bucking the trend during these incredibly tough times.

Watching other glass makers struggling or being forced to closed their operations is heart breaking, and it hits home when it’s people you know that are being affected.

We have to try and remain positive, and an order for more than 2,000 baubles over the past weeks has kept Will and Jonny at full steam ahead, and our thoughts are now firmly looking forward to Bath Christmas Market, where we’ll be selling stunning pieces and of course, those popular baubles – perfect for Christmas and ever after.

I’m looking forward to helping out, though I’m under strict orders that it’s not a fun weekend away for me, just work, work, work. Please come and say hello on our stand so I can have a chat (don’t tell Will!)

It’s a good time to think about buying gifts that last, and not throwaway items. That’s the beauty of Will’s glass. It’s timeless.

So warm your hands on candles (when he’s made more candle sticks!), and marvel at your Christmas baubles while they catch the lights during the festive season.

Enjoy the things you own and you could almost forget that we’re in the midst of a recession!



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