Its getting harder and harder to get milk bottles any more! So here's our alternative in various shapes, sizes, colours and prices.

A good vase is a thing of beauty. Whether you are the kind of person who goes for a large bunch or just a single stem we hopefully have a vase that will help.

I know that you can put flowers in anything, beer bottles, tetra packs, empty coke cans, fish tanks. In fact most things that can hold water could double up as the ubiquitous vase. But - and it is a big but - do they really do a good job. Quirky - yes. Funny - for a bit. Practical - maybe. But a vase should enhance the flowers, it should be part and parcel of the offering. I know I'm lucky, there is probably a vase to suit nearly every occasion in my house!

But here's the other thing, the vase also always lasts longer than the flowers!