For many years I went to the Scilly Isles quite regularly, camping with family and friends and occasionally staying in cottages or, on a few rare occasions, in the New Inn. There were, even then, a few special areas...around the back of Bryher there is a small bay called 'Stinky Bay" - maybe that's just my name! A perfect rock for sitting against, watching seals and a lovely little bay with the most perfect sea-rounded white boulders and pebbles. This range might be obvious in its conception but trying to hand make a form that has the same tacticity (is that a word?) as a rock that has been smoothed for eons by the ocean can be a challenge.

But it is too easy to say that the range was inspired by just one beach, Solva in Pembrokeshire sticks in my mind. Lee Bay, Kilve, Lillestock also inspired me. Beaches are amazing and have been a constant source of inspiration - maybe it's the sea air clearing the cobwebs out....

To watch me making a pebble vase please click here