New Hedgerow Pieces

Richard Shakspeare

We've got a few more pieces from our Hedgerow Range on the website.

Dinny Pocock

Richard Shakspeare

We've got a few Dinny Pocock pieces in our Taunton store - give us a call on 01823 333 422 if you're interested. All Dinny's creations are one-off pieces made with felt and wire, and inspired by nature and her childhood.  

Open Day 2016

Richard Shakspeare

Our annual (and eagerly awaited) open day falls on Sunday the 4th of December in 2016. From 11 until 4 in our Langport Gallery there will be odds and ends, slight seconds, and all available stock at discount prices - and most importantly, mulled wine and nibbles!

Winter Hedgerow

Richard Shakspeare

To mark the onset of winter, we've launched a new range called Winter Hedgerow! Initially inspired by holly and hedges in snow, they're similar to our standard hedgerow pieces - but with a definite wintery feel.  For the background, we use white and black coloured powder to create a landscape gradient, with red/blue glass frits for the berries in the foreground of the piece. For the green and blue colour at the bottom, we use glass 'eggshell' (very thin pieces of coloured glass), which blends in to give a sort of blurry effect.

Garbadale Chandelier

Richard Shakspeare

This chandelier has been hidden away in Will's sketchbook in many different guises for 15 years or so! It's inspired and named after the Ian Banks novel 'The Steep Approach To Garbadale'; in particular the passage 'It's the sacrificial anode, the mousetrap; where all the untidiness gets sucked away to. In the bin, it's all chaos and no ordering is needed, in fact any attempt to organise it misunderstands it's function'. This quote inspired the randomness and higgledy-piggledy nature of the chandelier; due to it being the incarnation of many different ideas all put together. After being displayed at the...

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