We make a lot of bowls. They range from small bowls up to large centrepieces. I think bowls as a form are underrated, I have loved the shape since I first started making ceramics.

Trying to get that perfect line from base to rim, keeping the form looking light yet sturdy is one of my more annoying dreams. I can happily still spend a day on my own just getting cross about this conundrum.

For me it is about the tension. When you blow glass, there is a moment where the glass is solidifying, and although I know that glass is actually a supercooled liquid and never sets, believe me it sort of does. And at that point you really want the glass to look "tense". When you look at a balloon, you can tell whether it was blown up that day, yesterday or even a week before. It doesnt look quite as "tense".

I know what I mean. Bowls are like that, it's all in the curve.