As we all know, I am an inveterate pebble collector with a particular liking for ones which are nice and stripey.

However on holiday in Crete we came across a beach that just had the most amazing spotty pebbles. At the time we had small children and had gone to the beach early before it got too hot. The beach was deserted and the kids were happily playing, so I wandered off down the shoreline. The pebbles were amazing, the geology (so might great friend Mick told me was conglomerate) and the pebbles were beautifully smooth but spotty. And at the moment the Nougat range was born. Some ideas take ages to evolve and become a range, but Nougat was a flash of inspiration.

So there I am, holding the bottom of my t shirt up full of pebbles, in a world of my own - toes in the sea, when.....a volleyball hits my feet. And a rather well endowed naked German lady was asking for her ball back. The beach was full of very naked people.

A big decision, do I take my t shirt off and lose all my pebbles? No. you'll be relieved to hear that art conquered.

It is not such a big leap of faith to get to the finished range of bowls, vases and occasional perfume bottles you see here. Nougat is now one of our most popular ranges of blown glass. We only make these using a random selection of colours. Every piece in the Nougat range is completely unique and the one you see is the one you will get.