Inspired by the colours and landscapes of the Somerset Levels. This particular range is based on the colours of Perry Moor. But it could easily have been influenced by Blackford Moor, King's Sedge Moor or Binham Moor. They all have they're own personalities and colours and water. I walk the levels during the "dry" season. They are still one of my favourite places, the sky is always so big and so light blue that is almost white. The flora is always lush and verdant, the bullrushes and reeds are always swaying in the wind and the willows are always beautifully coppiced.

Of course I dont walk in the rain or anything - not silly I go to the pub then.

I am also lucky that I can walk from the workshop, onto the disused railway line between Langport and Muchelney and in a few minutes lose myself in another world.

Click here for a vid of me making a somerset piece