Glass Eye: Workshop Lockdown Part 3

Glass Eye: Workshop Lockdown Part 3

I hate January.

But I guess when you’ve had almost a year of lockdowns, restrictions and getting to grips with a new reality, January doesn’t seem so bad.

Only thing is, it makes spying on glassblowers tricky when there’s nobody blowing glass!

Will is currently without an assistant and Johnny, not just the in-house entertainment, is a really vital part of operations.

It takes longer to make things without an assistant, and things don’t generally turn out as well.

Johnny’s got really good at gathering the feet for the glassware, dobbing the baubles and being pretty helpful in a glassblowing capacity -  ensuring Will can make things as best he can.

Without him, things are more challenging and far quieter.

Bouncing ideas around is hard in an empty workshop as well, and that’s what Will is missing most.

As with most things in life though, we like to rise to the challenges presented to us.

New things are on the horizon. For one, Will’s bought a new pair of shorts (long overdue); he’s spent time sorting colour ranges – last year confetti and carnival were two of the most popular colour ranges; and more website tinkering is happening behind the scenes.

With sales focused predominantly online, it’s been interesting to see what sells over the internet compares to what sells in the gallery. They don’t always equate to the same thing.

There’s plenty of irons in fires at the moment, despite the lockdown. We’ve picked our charity for the year – and more will be revealed about that in due course.

One major focus for this year is Will’s Signature range. Pieces that make up what he describes as ‘the absolute crème’.

The pieces that make it onto Will’s specials list are the ones he’s chosen as his absolute favourites. You can find his special pieces on the Signature section of the website.

For now, we’re working hard ready to explode back onto the scene in a flash of colour and inspiration. When all this is over, I’ll be back snooping about the workshop and reporting on the latest revelations from the furnace.

Don’t forget, for now you can still keep up to date over on the social channels, Facebook and Instagram and the online January sale runs for a few more weeks yet.

Until next time…..




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