Lightbulb moments from the dream team

Lightbulb moments from the dream team

There are plenty of “lightbulb” moments that take place in the workshop, as I’m sure you can imagine, with the likes of Will and Johnny coming up with fabulous, or maybe that should read ‘fantastical’, new ideas and putting the world to rights.

Now, they’ve taken it far more literally and decided that they really need to focus on lighting in all its forms. Not least because they’d both like some for their own homes.

It tends to follow a pattern. One of them needs something for their house – they make it.

Although Will and Johnny have chosen colourful shades for themselves, the lampshades that really fly out of the workshop are the ones that go with a wider range of interiors.  

They’ve been focusing on designs that complement any room – more whites and blacks; very sophisticated.

Although the word sophisticated might not be synonymous with a pair of glassblowers that wear tired black t-shirts while discussing the merits of comic heroes and their most enviable superpowers; they can actually make things that are beautiful, classy, and really rather wonderful.

What they lack in personal style, they certainly make up for in their glassblowing talent. There – I said it.

Overall, lighting has been REALLY successful and they’ve increased the range to incorporate new designs - Winter, and Black Pebble.

Much as I hate the cold, I have to say the Winter lighting is pretty awesome. And I’m a big fan of pebbles. Who isn’t?

Obviously, it doesn’t just stop at the shades. There are component parts that we all expect to receive when we buy lights. Bits like the switch, the wall plate (if you’re buying wall lights), the kind of thing that makes it all work. So Johnny tends to fiddle around with the wires, and Will has to remember to bring his drill to work.

The smaller wall lights work really well as singles, but they look great if there’s more than one – we’ve had customers buy three, five, or in one case, 11!

We’re just updating our website to reflect the wide range of our lighting, but you can see the lights in all their glory by swinging by the workshop and checking them out in them in real life.








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