See for yourself how to "knock up" a new piece of glass

See for yourself how to "knock up" a new piece of glass

Every year we’ll take it in turns in the gallery and workshop to ask Will what he’s making for various key dates in the calendar.

“Got anything planned for Valentine’s Day?”, “making anything nice for Mothers’ Day?”

You can immediately see the exasperation in his eyes.

For us laymen, it surely must be easy to just ‘knock up’ a new range – throw in a bit of pink and voila!

But no, I’ve been told now in no uncertain terms that this is NOT how the creative mind works.

Will says and I quote: “The process of coming up with a new design is pretty lengthy.”

This is because his ideas and inspiration are pulled from nature and specific moments in time.

Sure, he tells me, he can make something using retrospection or obvious colourways. But it’s not really coming up with anything special unless time has been spent trialling, tweaking, and finally mastering a new range.

For this reason, you won’t find a “new” Valentine’s piece, or anything for any other ‘special’ day (bar the Queen’s Jubilee), which Will had plenty of time to think about.

As non-glassblowers we think it’s easy to throw something together last minute – but put yourself in Will’s shoes, and maybe you’ll see it’s not quite that simple.

If you really do want to put yourself in Will’s shoes, you’ll be delighted to hear that it’s now possible (well as possible as we can make it). Will’s offering one-one or two-one teaching for half days over the next few months.

Did I ever mention that I tried to make a bauble once? It’s a sorry looking thing with a big hole in it, and a collapsed side.

Obviously, you will be doing much better than me if you choose one of these lessons, as you’ll be closely guided and you’ll make selection of pieces that you can take home after they’ve cooled.

I for one am excited to see what participants can turn their hands to, positive as well that anybody can make a better piece of glass than me. Maybe there should be a competition.

Also Will could ask his new students to “knock up” a nice piece for Valentine’s Day!

You’ll find all the dates for Will’s teaching sessions, along with several evenings of cider and demos over on Eventbrite, where you can book online.

Let me tell you right now, you won’t find a better present. And don’t forget, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter…….. they’re all coming up!

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