Signs of sun as we approach ten years in Langport

Signs of sun as we approach ten years in Langport

Following our first three Hot and Bothered evenings – which flew by in the blink of an eye, we were buoyed with renewed enthusiasm at how people are genuinely interested in the glassblowing process.

Will’s been doing this so long as his day job, which means he forgets how enthralling it can be to us “normal” folk.

As such, there are more dates ready to go later in the year, for October and onwards, and we’re plotting new ways to get all you lovely visitors through the doors to see Will blowing up close.

Johnny’s off now for a jaunt around some Greek islands, so Will is leaning (not literally) on the lovely Rebs who is the newly appointed bauble assistant (Reb’s has worked here for years and does heaps of other clever stuff too!)

We’re delighted to welcome the Eco Glitter team to the building too. They’ve taken a space upstairs in the building so it’s getting busier day by day up here!

Overall, things are busy and we’re plotting plenty for the year ahead– which just so happens to be Shakspeare Glass’s 10th year in Langport.

As the spring and summer months are upon us, we’re anticipating the return of paddle boarders, picnicking families and canoeists to the River Parrett, and looking forward to a resurgence of activity to a bustling Langport.

I always have to pinch myself when I look out at the fabulous view (best in the town!) over the river.

Our decking is the most peaceful spot overlooking the River Parrett, and it’s the perfect spot for daytrippers and coffee-connoisseurs to take the weight of their feet and enjoy a slice of cake made by Gingerlilly Cakes, and have a mooch around the gallery.

Langport has always attracted artistic types, and a visit to see Will and his extraordinary glassblowing should, in my humble opinion, be top of the list if you’re heading this way.

In other news, I’ve managed to get some new lights installed outside my office which look beautiful. They’re blown by Will and they perfectly suit the lower ceilings. Now I’m just wondering what else I should start requesting to brighten up my room!

In terms of what’s being made in the workshop, there’s some gorgeous pieces coming out of the furnace. Lighting, which continues to remain incredibly popular at the moment, and “recycled dishes” made from flat pieces of glass. New colourways are happening all the time, and when Will has the odd quiet moment to himself (it happens, rarely), he can find that thread of inspiration to try out something new.

And as it’s a ten year anniversary in September, perhaps there’s something he’s cooking up already….


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