The quiet after the storm

The quiet after the storm

It’s been a strange few weeks at SGHQ.

For the first time EVER we shut all the workshop windows, thanks to the visit from Storm Eunice.

If the furnace goes out then it’s an unmitigated disaster, but thankfully we dodged the power cuts here and we live to blow another day (which is more than can be said for Eunice and cohorts).

Following the tranche of tumultuous weather, Covid hit.

I’ve had it, Will’s got it, and who knows where it’s headed next. Needless to say, that’s meant isolating and being away from the workshop, which is always a sad thing.

When there’s no blowing going on, it’s very quiet. Add to that, Johnny is off on his hols next week (yep, glass assistants are allowed holidays!) and it’s all very quiet at HQ.

One thing that’s had some serious attention recently is the website. It’s looking proper ship shape thanks to new photos, a new design, and an easier-to-navigate layout.

When Will’s not blowing he gets more time in the office – so he’s had his head down and he’s been working away to create a more modern and slick site – so please go and look around it!

There’s also enthusiasm around this year’s Somerset Art Weeks (SAW). Will has teamed up with artists Jenny Graham and Ashar, and they are planning brilliant things to be exhibited in the gallery.

It’s not until September, but it means that ideas and trials of new designs are underway. Will says it’s always a love/hate relationship working on new themes. It means stepping out of his comfort zone and having to balance out paying bills with trying new things out. It involves ordering new colours and then testing them, which he explains is a long-winded process as they come from Germany, and cost a lot of money.

One worry he has is that the colours never look like they do in the brochure, so he never quite knows what he’s going to end up with!

There’s a few signs of better weather and spring is starting to make itself known. When we get the sun here, the decking behind the gallery is the best place to sit in Langport – so we look forward to throwing the doors open and welcoming you to the sunny spot by the river. Tea and cake makes everything better.

For even more incentive, Will’s promised a free bauble to the first person to spot the kingfisher or resident otter that likes to pop up below the decking on occasions!

Proof will be required – and I’m currently trying to locate my binoculars….!




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