Collection: Bear Bowls

Our new range of heavy bowls, loosely based on the coast range with layers of colours within the gathers of glass to give depth to the design. 

This collection has been my go to desire for a while and we have been so busy I have not got round to it till now. 

They have many influences, going right back to an exhibition I saw when I was 20 ish - could have been the first exhibition that I actually took myself to see - it was in Bath and was called simply "Bowls" and I still have the catalogue somewhere.

One of my oldest mates father had a wooden ashtray that always stuck in my mind as the most perfect shape. Simple and practical.

These bowls are really heavy, they are meant to be, sandblasted inside and out they have a carved, permanent feel to them.

When you start out blowing glass, you inevitably make heavy thick glass. And now here I am doing so deliberately!  Hopefully with some slight refinement!!!