Making anything by hand is tricky. Hot glass is trickier than most materials - I think.

Everything you make is imperfect somehow, it has to be. But it is the imperfections that give hand made products their edge.

There are some pieces that are really obviously seconds - a chip, a bubble in the wrong place, a flaw in the colour - or the wrong colour even. But there are others which are a judgement call - and it is our judgement. Sometimes they are pieces that were trials or tribulations maybe, other times they are just not quite there. It can be a very fine line between a desirable object and a wallflower.

And we all have different taste, some of the products that we put in our sale, we have just had too long or they are the end of lines. Some pieces just dont fit anywhere are looking lonely on our shelves. And sometimes I have just gone completely off piste with my ideas!

For me, I would rather look out on my products and be pleased rather than see all the pieces that I'm not happy with.

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