Gallery Suppliers

We still have our ranges of glass and silver jewellery in both our galleries but we are also building up an envious selection of quality hand made products from some of the top people in the country. We also have a bespoke selection of unusual greetings cards from local and national artists.

It has always been our aim to only sell quality British art and craft. We guarantee that everything we sell in our shop is made in the UK, with many pieces made in the West Country as well.

We stock all the people below on a rolling basis. Some artist's work is in both galleries, some in either and some in neither - because we have temporarily sold out!



Jo Downs

Mary Vanderplank

Jo Downs is one of the world's most prominent fused glass designers. Her advanced fusion techniques allow for the creation of abstract designs of great individuality and depth. Based in Cornwall, Jo Downs' draws inspiration from the natural world around her. Cornwall has a unique light that gently bathes the environment and has inspired artists for centuries. Along with a popular range of handmade gift ware, Jo has developed her studio to undertake large architectural and interior projects. The ranges we stock are priced  from £25 for small dishes to £600 for the wall triptychs

Based in Curry Mallet, Somerset Mary is constantly brought back to the continuing theme and source of inspiration for her work – the Somerset Levels. In recent months she has been working to record the notorious floods.

Many’s work covers images from all over the West Country as well as the Scillies, Lake District, Ireland and New Zealand.

Lancaster & Gibbons

Emily Colenso


Lancaster and Gibbings produce a modern range of cast pewter giftware, handmade in their workshop in Totnes, South Devon. Their team of craftsmen are dedicated to designing and producing original products of the finest quality. They have recently introduced some fantastic new designs which we are pleased to stock.

Emily Colenso is probably best known for her amazing charcoal depictions of the levels in all it's seasons. Her love for the countryside just radiates from her paintings and charcoals

Lara Aldridge

Karen Atherley

Each piece is handmade using a combination of metals in the form of sheet, rod, wire and powder which is assembled onto a single piece of glass creating a metal collage, another sheet of glass being placed on top before being fired in the kiln.John & Lara Aldridge have been producing their unique glassware for 15 years and their clients include "Fired Earth" to The Ivy in London. Presently working on a massive commission for a cruise ship.

Karen's unique figurative style portrays curvy fleshy figures influenced by Greek antiquity and the colours of the impressionists. She uses brightly coloured slips painted onto white earthenware and glazed with a transparent glaze to give a lustrous finish, with the addition of decals to give the work an old fashion feel.

Karen aims to produce a decorative object that has a practical use as well as eye catching and good to look at.

Made in Lincolnshire

Emily Johnston

Mark Haillay

Emily works at Shakspeare Glass as well as producing an ever growing collection of jewellery and fused glass pieces. All of her jewellery is made using sterling silver findings.

Mark graduated in 1990 from Loughborough College of Art and Design in Ceramics. He has been working as a potter ever since. Marks influences include interests in plants, birds and yoga (he's fascinated by pattern both natural and designed). His mother had an antique shop so a love of old china and handmade objects was instilled from an early age.


Linda Green

Pauline Rook

Linda is a Somerset based mixed media artist. She studied Fashion and Textiles at Winchester School of Art and has gone on to teach at secondary school level.

Linda is particularly interested in themed client based work. Using mixed media, images and other personal ephemera she can create a highly personal, original and unique piece for a personal gift or memento. For example a piece for a wedding anniversary or birthday incorporating family photographs.


Pauline Rook is a professionally qualified photographer who lives in Somerset. Her photographic learning was prompted by a wish to capture something of the people and life of rural Somerset, a world in which she lived and worked on a dairy farm.

She specialises in portrait, landscape and documentary photography. Her photographs feature people and landscapes in the west of England.



Vanessa Conyers

Ashar works in Langport. Her work is constantly changing. Based on the local landscapes and the seasons, her colours evoke different times of the day on the levels perfectly.

Vanessa's designs are hand-crafted in her studio in rural Dorset by herself and a small team of makers. Each piece is skillfully assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics.

Layers of paint, mono-print, and glaze are sumptuously embellished with traditional enamel decals and lashings of gold lustre and mother of pearl, and each piece is fired at least four times to achieve its smooth iridescent finish.

Her collections can be used (with an air of indulgent luxury), or simply treasured as heirlooms, admired for their quaint nostalgia and unique elegance.


Christine Cummings


Christine began making animals whilst studying ceramics at Lancashire Polytechnic,  to begin with purely pig studies. 

She now still makes pigs along with a whole host of other animals. Source material is never far away - a cow in a field, a scratching chicken or a dog racing down the street.

Sketching from life is a very big part of Christine's work, making her study the subject at great length.

The pieces are all hand crafted in earth stone clay, being finished either by Raku or smoke firing

Made in Lancashire

A quality range of designer slate gifts and tableware handcrafted in Devon, designed with the finest recycled Cornish and new slate.


Nick Durnam

Red Hot Sal

Nick began working with stone as an apprentice stonemason at Canterbury Cathedral and then went on to study carving at the City and Guilds Art School of London. Although he has worked with stone for over 25 years at Canterbury, Rochester, Salisbury, Wells and Exeter cathedrals it is only in the relatively recent past that he has turned his skills to creating his own work in stone.



Sally Carver is a full time lampwork glass bead artist trading as Red Hot Sal and based in St. Ives.

She started making glass beads in 1999. As many bead makers will tell you melting glass is extremely addictive, so a hobby became a passion, and then eventually a full time career.

Renee Kilburn

Julie Langan

After moving to London from Sweden Renee studied ceramic design at Central St Martins College of Art and Design.

Making and decorating her own ceramics and painting are two of her passions in life. The creativity in the play of colour and subject are what drive her to do what she does.

These pieces are modeled in a free flowing style with the motif changing around the pot and painted with colourful glazes, making each piece unique and individual in it’s own character. 

Julie Langan Glass is an inspirational contemporary design studio that specialises in the creation of unique and innovative pieces of glass art. The pieces, usually in the form of panels, can be integrated into both interior and exterior architectural spaces or simply displayed as individual pieces of art.

Now with over 10 years experience within the industry Julie Langan has built up a reputation for quality, innovation and individuality. Pieces can be seen in many prestigious homes, offices and collections both here in the UK and internationally.

Julie Langan is based in Lancashire


Naomi Singer

Ruth Lyne

Naomi is inspired by the flowers and seed heads that she finds in and around her home in Southwest England, using these strong shapes to develop abstract patterns. Her pieces are created using a range of both traditional and modern warm-glass techniques, including digital photography with which she creates patterned images that are fused between layers of glass.

Ruth has always been intrigued by the natural colours and textures of the sea shore, by the movement of the waves and the ripples left in the sand and by the wide horizons and the surface of the cliffs. Glass allows her to use layers of colour and texture to create an abstract image inspired by these memories.


Working Glass

Louise Ashton

Supplying respected galleries across the UK since 2004, Nina Parker has established a well deserved reputation for innovative contemporary jewellery design.

Working in her studio in the heart of the Dorset countryside, Nina designs one-off items and small collections which reflect the changing seasons.

Her designs change and evolve organically. There is always something new and exciting in progress in the studio.

Nathalie, born in France, is the creative force behind Louise Ashton Design. While studying glass design in London she began experimenting with different techniques and creating her own glass items, soon developing a particular passion for fusing.  Settling in the US, Nathalie enrolled at the Studio, in Corning (New Jersey) in order to perfect her skills. She currently lives in the United Kingdom


Penkridge Ceramics

Rob Whelpton

Collectable Ceramics made in West Midlands

The attention to detail is paramount, each piece is individually considered with layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture, giving a ‘super real’ effect and accuracy of finish.

Rob Whelpton trained at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, qualifying in ceramics in 1974. 

His distinctive ceramics are created by the Raku process, fired outdoors. The characteristic crackling of the glazes and glowing colours of this method are achieved by placing the red hot pots in sawdust, which ignites with the heat, further charring the unglazed areas. The combinations and textures this creates are as effective as they are unexpected.

The patterns incised on the surface of his pots are birds, animals, boats and fish motifs, used in rhythmic and intertwined shapes, with much beauty and a certain humour. They are coloured using slips and metallic salts. Some pots are enhanced using gold leaf. Most recently people have become a strong feature in his work