Custardy Clutch Jug

Custardy Clutch jug

This jug is part of my edition pieces. When we have time, energy , enthusiasm and the idea, we hunker down turn the clock off and have a go. The only criteria is that we are doing it for ourselves. These pieces are the glass we want to make for ourselves. There is no time constraint, no "reproducability", just our flights of fancy. It what keeps us sane......saner.

They are always a journey, they are not being made as prototypes for new ranges, but as stand alone bits of art. 

It would be lovely to make stuff like this all the time, and indeed every now and then I buy a lottery ticket and dream, but the reality is that you can't.

Well I can't, the baubles and bowls, vases and weights form the bottom of the pyramid, they're supporting everything. And I enjoy that discipline, I enjoy making things as best as I can do for a price that is worth it. And while we are making baubles and bowls we are dreaming - and the jug above is one of those dreams.

We might make ten of these a day - and when they come out of the lehr we are ruthless, they have to be as good as they can be - in my eyes. They never are, because my mind's eye is seriously rose tinted - that is why we carry on. But a few are getting there. But I judge them, mark them from best to worst.

Now my overarching problem is that I am yet to make anything that I can't bear to sell, I think that will be a strange thought and I should probably metaphorically hang up my blowing irons if that happens.

I am also realistic, out of the ten, 1 will be the worst, 1 will be the best and there will be 8ish that a lot of people think are pretty good. And could prefer to my favourite. If you like them, they are for sale, each one is priced separately according to my ranking.

Just so you know this was a close runner for the top spot. The no 1 sold too quickly, but to 2 of my favourite collectors - thankyou.