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Carnival Baubles, 6 colours

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Our Carnival range of handmade glass Baubles, beautiful and simple. They look good anywhere where they'll catch the light.

We make all our baubles completely by hand in our Langport workshop. 

Our Baubles are made by gathering hot glass onto the end of a blowing iron, covering that "gather" in coloured chips and powder. The glass is then reheated, shaped and blown to create a hollow sphere.  This is then "knocked" off the iron and a small gather of clear glass is then added to the top of the piece - over the hole, stretched and bent over to form the hook. Each bauble then has to go into a lehr overnight to cool down slowly

All come with an organza ribbon, and are available in either standard round, mini round or diamond shapes. Our baubles are made freehand and may not be exactly the same as the photos

Please note - our baubles are heavy. They aren't suitable for trees as a general rule, although the minis and diamonds may be fine with some trees

Standard Baubles: 80 - 90mm diameter

Mini Baubles: 40 - 50mm diameter

Diamond Baubles: 75 - 45mm