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Coast large Vase

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Initially inspired by the Isles of Scilly, this range evolved from the amazing colours of the sea and shorelines around these fabulous islands. Standing on Tresco and looking across to Bryher you can see an array of colour bands, starting from the grass at your feet to sand, rocks, sea and then back to grass. Or from blue sky through the island colours to the sea. There is an infinite variety of colours, all framed by the sky and sea. Rocks, grass, sea-pinks, sand, pebbles, waves breaking, grass, old walls -endless.

I have tried to recreate the colours of the islands, more as a concept than feeling constrained by the actual colours. And although these pieces were initially inspired in glorious February sunshine on Pentle Bay, they have come to represent many different coastlines from Arran and its incredibly clear waters and rich golden rocks to Shaldon beach and its deep rich red sand and dimpsey sky.


To make these pieces, I start with gathers of clear glass from my furnace - 1, 2, or 3 depending on the size of the piece. The furnace is kept at a constant 1040 C and holds about 140 litres of molten glass, which has the consistency of runny honey.  Once I have the required number of gathers on my blowing iron I roll the hot glass [the parison] through powdered frits to give the background canvas colours. This is then heated back up to melt in the powder before rolling the glass parison through more lines of prepared colour to give the detail around the middle of the piece. Only once all the colour is on can the piece be blown into the final form. When finished the piece is put into a kiln that is kept at a constant 500 degrees through the day. This is ramped down overnight to anneall everything I have made during the day. Once cold, we grind the bases of the piece to ensure they stand up straight and then sandblast them to give a matte finish.

Nearly all my glass is made to be used, vases are a great eyecatcher, generally elegant and tall, they really do stand out. Coupled with an appropriate bunch of flowers or a single stem, these vases are guaranteed to bring a little extra sparkle....

Height 285mm, diameter 165mm.