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Flotsam Large Red Vase

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Initially this range was inspired in the Isles of Scilly. I would run away to Tresco Island in a perfect world and just wander around the shore in a bit of a daze, poking around the pools. Oh, and the gardens.

But in reality the pieces are an amalgamation of many snorkeling trips. The reflections through the weeds and the odd jellyfish drifting into view through my increasingly fogged up mask. I always forget to breathe!!!

The round discs and canes in the design are made separately. These pieces are inside cased (applying a small piece of coloured glass to the blowing iron before gathering any clear glass. The discs are then reheated and applied to the last gather of glass on top of the canes and frits. The whole parison then has to be heated up and reshaped before being blown into the final shape - puntied and opened up.


Height 330mm, diameter 170mm.