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Heidi Warr Wings Of Angels miniature

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Heidi Warr Wings Of Angels miniature

Heidi began her training at Yeovil College on the Art and Design course, it giving her a good foundation of skills with different art mediums. When she left college she was employed at Dennis Chinaworks in Somerset, initially to glaze pots and then moving on to become a decorator. Heidi loved the creativity of decorating and over the years progressed to the position of principal decorator. She feels privileged to know that some of her finest pieces of decoration have sold for thousands of pounds at Bonhams Auction House. Whilst decorating was exciting and fulfilling, Heidi's real passion was for designing - she felt like she was bursting with design ideas so began to create her own ceramic artwork.

All pieces are Limited Edition, made, thrown, decorated by Heidi in Somerset. 

Wings Of Angels miniature number 4 of 11

Inspiration; 'The Wings of Angels piece is a complex design incorporating the flow and beauty of peacock feathers with a stylised angel.

Peacocks are thought to symbolise renewal and immortality. Their feathers are said to ward off evil. The eye of the feather is a symbolism of the wisdom of God (depicted in paintings of Michael the Archangel referred to as the weigher of souls). The stylised angel in this piece represents guardianship, suggested to be one of the roles of these magnificent forms.

To me his piece is about companionship. I wanted this piece to feel like these beautiful forms are sharing our journey.

One of the challenges with this design was to create the right shaped pot to enable the design to flow in the right way. The angels and feathers had to be just the right distance apart to enable me to maximise the level of detail.

I have used this design on three sizes of hand thrown pots and a charger.

125mm high, 80mm diameter