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Jenny Graham Winter River

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Jenny Graham Winter River

Jenny Graham has been working as an artist in Somerset since 1984. She studied both in New York and Bristol, where, in 1997 she received an MA in Printmaking from the University of the West of England.

Her work explores the specific aspects of each location - those things which make it unique. She is attracted to the timelessness of landforms contrasted with the interventions of society and agriculture. 

Jenny's painting style has changed considerably in recent years. After much thought she decided that she needed to work in a much freer and more atmospheric style. She still works primarily from the environment but her approach is more to capture the essence of a place from memory.

Over the past couple of years Jenny has had work exhibited in the National Open Art Exhibition, the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition, the National Original Print Exhibition, the Royal Watercolour Society Exhibition and The Discerning Eye.

Oil and Cold Wax

67cm x 36.5cm including painted 7cm frame