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Landscape Light Shade Ranges

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These are made to order and take at least 3 weeks from order date to delivery
We are producing our exciting new range of glass shades in 3 designs, Coast, Hedgerow and Pebble. They are all available in 2 shapes and 3 sizes.
Each shade comes prewired with a standard E27 fitting for the medium and large size and an E14 fitting for the smaller shades, an LED non dimmable warm white bulb (equivalent to 40w) and 1.5 meters of colour co-ordinated flex. The large shades also include 500m of stainless steel chain and the hook fitting for the shade. All lamps have been tested before they leave the workshop and are ready for fitting.
please click on thumbnail for sizing guide Shape and sizing guide

Size  Shape  Height Width  Dia/Depth  Price
Small Tulip 150mm 100m 75mm £185
Small Flute 175mm n/a 95mm £185
Medium Tulip 200mm 150mm 120mm £225
Medium Flute 220mm n/a 120mm £225
Large Tulip 250mm 200mm 150mm £349
Large Flute 290mm n/a 150mm £349
Wall Flute/Tulip as small as small as small £225
Wall Double £335
Wall Triple £445