Winter Hedgerow Medium Clutch Jug

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Winter Hedgerow range is part of our landscape ranges. They're inspired by holly and hedges in the snow. Although we don't want to be reminded of those cold wintry days, these pieces look good all year round.

To make the design, we first roll the hot glass in black coloured powder, then white to get the colour gradient. For the green detailing, we use green glass canes and glass foil, with red glass frits for the berries. Once puntied, we tease the top rim out using heat,  centripetal force and a bit of gravity, before making the spout with copper tube. Each piece is sandblasted when annealled to give the matte finish.

Nearly all my glass is made to be used, but maybe jugs are an exception......I have always liked the dichotomy of form and function, just sitting on the fence of practicality, art and craft etc. You can use these jugs, I make them to feel good in the hand, they are incredibly tactile........ not the best pourers in the world, sorry, but they can grace any table.

Height 165mm, width 95mm, depth 130mm.