Somerset Bauble - SHAKSPEARE GLASS
Somerset Bauble - SHAKSPEARE GLASS
Somerset Bauble - SHAKSPEARE GLASS


Somerset Bauble

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Our popular Somerset range is inspired by the colours of the Somerset levels. Concentrating especially on the reeds which grow along the sides of the rhynes which crisscross the levels landscapes, these baubles make a great gift. Each bauble comes in a cardboard display box.

The Somerset Bauble is made from soda glass, which we melt in our furnace at 1160 degrees. The glass is coated with 3 different coloured glass powders while hot. The parison is then reheated to fuse before we add the stringers and frits to give our bauble its unique design. The final piece is then sandblasted when cold to give it a matte finish.

Our Baubles are made completely by hand and may differ slightly from the pictures.

 80 - 90 mm diameter