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Somerset Clutch Jug

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Our popular Somerset range is inspired by the colours  of the Somerset levels. The design is influenced especially by the reeds which grow along the sides of the rhynes which crisscross the levels landscapes. I grew up with this landscape and it is still one of my favourite places.

The vase is coated with 3 different coloured glass powders while hot. The parison is then reheated to fuse before we add the stringers and frits to give the piece it's unique design. The final piece is then sandblasted when cold to give it a matte finish.

Nearly all my glass is made to be used, but maybe jugs are an exception (in reality a custard jug and a cream jug have to be a different beast, just from a viscosity point of view)......I have always liked the dichotomy of form and function, just sitting on the fence of practicality, art and craft etc. You can use these jugs, I make them to feel good in the hand, they are incredibly tactile........ not the best pourers in the world, sorry, but they can grace any table.

105mm wide 110mm high 60mm deep