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Winter Hedgerow Bauble

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Our Winter Hedgerow range is part of our landscape ranges. They're inspired by holly and hedges in the snow. This range looks good either with reflected or transmitted light and although we don't want to be reminded of those cold wintry days, the pieces look good all year round.

To get the wintry colours on these pieces, we first roll the hot glass in black coloured powder, then white to get the colour gradient. For the green detailing, we use green glass canes and glass eggshell, with red glass frits for the red berries. Each piece is sandblasted after to give the matte finish.

Each one of these pieces is made completely by hand and will differ from the picture. 

Please Note - our baubles are heavier than mass produced, machine made baubles. They aren't suitable for trees as a general rule, although the minis and diamonds may be fine with some trees. They do look great in windows, on stairs etc. 

 80 - 90 mm diameter