Shakspeare Glass Lampshades & Lights
We launched our full lampshade range in September 2019 at Somerset Art Weeks.
We have had a fantastic response and a lot of happy customers. 
Want to know more? Go to our dedicated Shakspeare Lighting Website here
We have hung up all our one-off special shades and all our prototypes, you can see exactly what we still have in stock in our Langport Studio and grab yourself a bargain. 

We have also 3 ranges available in 2 shapes, Flute & Tulip and in 3 sizes from £225. These are our Landscape Shades, Pebbles, Coast and Hedgerow.  They are all made completely by hand and no two will ever be the same, but they go together and can be bought and hung in sets.

Order Landscape light Shades Here 

Along with the ranges above, we have been developing an even more unique range of one-off lights, which can now be purchased through our website.

Special Shades

Alternatively please contact Will or Johnny for more details on