Clear Icicles

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Glass icicles, made for hanging on either a Christmas tree or another, not necessarily festive location!

We make these by first gathering a very small amount of glass, rolling it in crushed glass colour (or not in the case of the clear icicles) and then gathering over it with more glass. The glass is then stretched out and looped back on itself to make a hook, before our glassmakers then once more stretch it while twisting to make the stem. The icicles are finished by grinding the bottom to make them smooth.

Please be aware that sizes and colours shown are approximate, these pieces are handmade so vary from icicle to icicle. If you buy more than one we will endeavour to ship you icicles of a similar size!

The ones for sale here currently are all clear. We may have some other colours in stock.

Length: 120mm - 220mm.